About Home Ups

As they exist now, there are two major and popular power back up products namely Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) System and inverter. These two products have two different and unique utilization and were, therefore, always dissimilar and different. 


With the ever increasing popularity of computer and related devices, these have now become an absolute necessity in every house hold. The average house hold will usually have a ups system as well as inverter, both powering different  devices and system at the same time during a power cut. A unique product has been introduce  which has the capability to power up computer and related devices as well as home devices when the need arises. This obviously results in a verifiable saving in respect of each household using home ups in place of an independent inverter and a ups system.


Apart from the fact that we are able to obtain a single functionally efficient system (home ups) in lieu of the existing two systems (inverter and ups), there is also the element of saving on the cost of the battery of the ups system as well as that of the saving in the cost of disposal of the battery of the ups system .The reduction in terms of environmental pollution is only too obvious.


There is another advantage here-that have saving space Since only one product is be accommodated, the digital home ups system will be a well come addition in any modern house hold


The home ups system is a unique functionally efficient , cost effect  and space saving product and is, therefore an innovation , which is high on utility and good value for money.


Home Ups