Kevin Home Ups


Kevin Home UPS is a truly futuristic concept. This two-in-one product (Inverter + UPS) completely eliminates the need to have separate power back-up system for your home as well as your computer.

Traditionally, there are two separate power back-up systems i.e. UPS Systems for computers and Inverters for other household appliances. With the increasing number of households having a computer, it became an absolute necessity to have a single product providing power back-up to Computers as well as other household appliances.


  • DSP Based Design with absolute and stable Sine wave output voltage and frequency  

  • State of art MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency at Lower cost with Dynamic Stability 

  • Wide input voltage range.

  • Selector Switch for Inverter/UPS

  • Battery High Protection.

  • Over Temperature Protection.

  • Reverse Phase protection as well as the display.

  • More backup being a Sine Wave Inverter (ASIC Control).

  • Surge load capacity up to 300%.

  • Reverse Battery protection as well as the Display

  • Battery Fuse Blown display

  • No humming Noise (Silent Inverter)

  • Inverter to mains change over at zero crossing as well as Phase Synchronization

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