Luminous Home Ups


Luminous DSP based home UPS are undoubtedly the very latest in the world of inverters. Packed with a range of user-friendly features, it is a symbol of convenience and comfort. Very little maintenance, no noise DSP based home UPS stand for powerful performance with all round protection.


  • Digital Signal Processing Technology

  • Sine Wave Output with intelligent real time control

  • Over 200% load cold start by the inverter

  • High speed MOSFET protection for excess currents and voltage    spikes

  • No humming noise from Inverter as well as from equipments connected to it

  • DC fuse available on the back panel for easy replacement

  • Compact and Reliable SMT based design

  • Smart Charge plus Technology for faster charging and longer battery life

  • High Frequency based design for instantaneous Sine Wave Control

  • Intelligent Thermal Management for longer life and higher reliability  

  • Overload with Auto Reset.

  • Battery Deep Discharge protection with Reset option

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Battery reverse polarity protection

  • Phase Reversal Protection

  • Miniature Circuit Breaker for Overload and Short Circuit Protection in Mains Mode instead of Cartridge Fuse               

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